Florida Madeira Beach Wedding- Mercedes and Jacob

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Mercedes and Jacob had a dreamy tropical wedding on the sunny beaches of Madeira Beach Florida.

This wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Its clear These two madly in love souls were so made for one another. I could tell just from the emails and text Mercedes and I shared before meeting them, from the way she talked about him I knew Jacob was her soul mate. Then we did their engagement session which they so seamlessly made the photos look easy, but it was their love that you saw the most in each photo I captured. Their wedding day had even more love flowing out of them, truly like a romantic film you would see in theaters. The way they looked at each other, would laugh with one another, they honestly just fit together like two peas in a pod.

I often ask couples before the wedding this question on my questionnaire:

“What do you want your friends/ family to say about your wedding?” Mercedes and Jacob answered “I want people to say wow this is a couple that is going to make it. They are really meant for each other. I want people to also say how much fun they had at the wedding and that you could really feel the love in the air!” Well, guys, your wedding day was all that and more, oh and trust me when I say this, we can all tell you guys are so meant for each other, I mean I wrote the above part before even realizing you had that in your answer!❤️

I don’t know how I get so blessed with literally the best couples on Earth, but I can tell you as you glance through this blog take a second to just stare at each image and literally appreciate the love they have for one another. I truly believe it is rare and amazing.

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