Below are the most frequently asked questions I get from couples. 

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Can you hold a date for me?

I accept bookings on a first come/ first served basis. I do not hold any dates without the $1000 retainer being paid and the contract signed. This is to keep it fair to everyone that inquires with me. I do also offer a 90day payment plan of the $1000 retainer of three payments of $333.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do! As someone who just recently got married in 2016, I understand paying for a wedding. I just require the retainer to book your date and after we can chat about what payment plans would work best for you both.

Do you travel?

Heck yes, I do! I will travel where ever you want to take me!! One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is the fact I get to photograph the most involve couples ever in front of the most gorgeous backdrops we call earth!

Do you charge a travel fee?

As of right now I’m offering a no travel fee this month! :)

I’m super awkward and I don’t photograph the best-can you help me?

First off I can tell you when we meet I will talk so much and make you laugh that you will forget all about how you were nervous and awkward. Nine times out of ten a couple comes to me and tells me this EXACT thing. I hear it often and that is exactly why its here! 😉 My job is to make you feel and look amazing no matter what kind of session it is and that is exactly what I’ll do.  But really, don’t worry one bit!! I will pose you and give you all the direction you need the whole time. By the time we’re done, you will feel like a model! 

What is the difference between an assistant and a second photographer? 

Sometimes I have an assistant join me at most weddings to lend me a helping hand throughout your wedding day if you do not add a second photographer to your collection. You are not paying for the assistant to be there I take care of that part! My assistant does everything from running and grabbing a lens I need, arranging and reading of the family photo list, all the way to holding and setting up any extra lighting I might need for the day.

Do I need a second photographer?

THIS IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU. HAVING A SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER CAN BE GREAT WHEN YOU'RE WANTING DIFFERENT ANGLES ALL OVER and if you're getting ready in two different locations. BUT DO YOU NEED ONE? NOT AT ALL! I will normally suggest when I feel like its best to have a second photographer come along. But either way, some people like having both options and that is totally fine with me! Either way if their is one with me or isn’t one with me I still photograph the wedding day as if there is not.

How many images will I receive?

I never put a cap on how many images you will get. I edit all the very best printable photos, and because of this, I don’t cap off how many you will get. I truly believe you deserve all the best images I can give from your wedding day and not just the“200” or however the amount some might promise you. The number of images can also vary depending on the day, the number of hours you hired me for, and if you have a second photographer there.

How long does it take to receive the wedding photos back?

Online galleries are emailed within six to eight weeks of the wedding date. From there you can use the download links from the email or online gallery to download all your images. A wedding album can take up to twelve weeks depending on any needed approvals from the couple.

Can we have the raw unedited images?

 No, I’m sorry they are not available for viewing or purchase. I hand select each image with care and the images I have provided are the very best ones from your day! You will receive all the best high resolution retouched images with a print release.

Do I have the copyrights to my images?

The copyright to all the images will remain with me, but you will, however, receive a print release that will allow you to print whatever you want where ever you want.  I normally recommend using the online gallery to print through that I offer or using  You can also post them on whatever social media platform you want, I just ask if you could please tag my business or personal page!

If we’re running late, will you stay later than you were scheduled? 

Of course!! All you have to do is let me know you would like to add an extra hour or two (or however many you want) and I’ll then will send you an invoice the next day of my hourly rate.

Do I have to provide a meal for you and your staff?

My staff and I are able to work on a higher level for longer if we've been fed! Preferably at the same time you eat (so we don’t miss any amazing moments, because no one wants photos of someone chewing 😉), I do require meals to be provided for any coverage over five hours.  If you choose not to provide a meal for us, we will take a one hour break at some point during your reception to have a meal.

What if you get sick, hurt, or die? 

Being the professional that I am means being prepared for such things like this even if it's super sad to talk about.  If I die, I will sadly not be at your wedding, but I can tell you someone in my place will! Thanks to my incredible network of photography relationships, should anything ever happen to me between when you book and your wedding, they have my back. We help others and know my friends will do it for me. Our relationships within my industry means you can have full confidence that someone will make sure to cover all our scheduled dates. If I were to get sick, I will be there no matter what unless I’m in my death bed. If something happened at the last minute, such as an accident driving to start your preparation coverage, I’d reach out to the local photographer community. Between facebook groups and my own personal facebook, I have over 1,000 photographer friends all willing to help. The priority in an emergency situation such as this kind is to make sure the impact of your wedding day is minimal. The last thing you need to be worrying about is finding a photographer at the last minute while you’re getting your hair and make-up done. Afterward, we’d work out all the details with you regarding the appropriate next steps to take. These are cases in the extreme. I want you to know that we've thought them through carefully and precisely.

How do you protect your digital files?

From the time I capture your images I already have two backups saved by using a second backup memory card in both my cameras. After I get home from any session or wedding I then back them up onto Two hard drive’s and keep the memory cards in a fire/waterproof safe along with the hard drive when I’m not using it. As an added safety as soon as they’re saved onto my hard drive my computer is already backing them up to my online back system. I know how important these images are to you, and my number one priority is keeping them safe, so I do not delete any images off my memory cards until they are fully downloaded on to your online gallery and you the gallery has been emailed to you.