Oh So Sunny Fort Desoto Beach Engagement Session-Whitney and Rashawn

Fort Desoto St Pete Florida-Engagement Session-Whitney and Rashawn129.JPG

Whitney and Rashawn’s sunny Fort Desoto Beach Engagement session was more than I could ever hope for. We spent our time laughing it up a bunch while running around in circles and then we ended it all with getting into the water.

This WHOLE SESSION was just so EPIC! Anyone that know’s me knows how much I love when couples say to they want to get in the water for a session. I mean water + a madly in love gorgeous couple playing in the water= my kind of session to write home about. We started the session on one of the roads to the fort. I had seen this spot a million times and probably told myself a million times I wanted to use it so I knew it was time to make it happen with their photos. We then walked over to the beach and saw that from the recent hurricane a boat had washed up on shore. Although I was sad for the owners of the boat I knew we had to add it to the session somehow so I had them stand in front of it and well as you can tell it turned out to be so on point. Last we walked towards the water. I told them to just get right on, It was kind of chilly so what better way then to just let it all go and get in. They were huge troopers the whole time! Being in the cold water for twenty minutes was so worth every image we captured that day. From the start of the session to the end these two just blew me away at the love they shared for one another. I don’t know how I always get so blessed with the couples that book me, but I literally get the most madly in love and every day I’m thankful that I do because at the of the day they leave me with amazing images like these.

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