Majestic North Carolina Mountain Wedding-Renee and Jason

Point Lookout Vineyards Hendersonville North Carolina -Wedding-Renee and Jason-778.JPG

Renee and Jason’s North Carolina Majestic Mountain Wedding at Point Lookout Vineyards in Hendersonville, North Carolina was everything you could dream of booking as a photographer.

I remember seeing Renee post in a huge photography group that she was looking for a wedding photographer for her dreamy mountain wedding in North Carolina and how she wanted the best photographer since, after all, she is a wedding photographer herself. I immediately jumped into action and commented with my website and a photo of my work and thought it was so worth the try because I would love to visit North Carolina even more so if I get to photograph a gorgeous couple in the mountains. I mean come on it’s no secret that North Carolina is literally my favorite place on Earth so I took the chance. To my surprise and happiness, she instantly wrote me an email and asked if we could jump on the phone to answer some quick questions and of course I was like OMG YASSSSS. Durning our phone call that was only suppose to be about thirty minutes turn out being over an hour and a half long. We literally connected instantly and had so many things to talk about. The thing I loved chatting with her the most about was the love she felt for Jason and the love they shared. Now looking back on their wedding day I’m truly so blessed to say out of the 100’s of photographers that commented on that Facebook post, she choose me and for that, I’m forever honored and grateful.

There wedding was straight out of a Hallmark movie but BETTER!

From the getting ready photos to the ceremony all the way down to the reception and all its details, this wedding was amazing!!! Heck, this couple is amazing! They literally put everything they loved and everyone they loved on top of one big mountain and had the time of their lives! Now I guess it's your turn to see just how much fun and laughter took place this day and why I'm still over here sitting in photograph heaven over this gorgeous day.


Venue: Point Lookout Vineyards

Hair and Make up: Brush Fire Artistry

Florist: Dream Events By Daria

Cake: Layered By Lex

Carter: Verbena Cakes and Catering

Ceremony Music: Ceestially Rooted Music

Officant: Mel Ferganbaum (Family Friend)

Wedding Coordinator: Carolyn Stewart (Family Relative)

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